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DREAM Charter School at 20 Bruckner

If Potential Were A Place.
20 Bruckner.

DREAM is in the midst of a seminal moment in its 32-year history: doubling the number of youth it serves through an extended-day, extended-year whole child model that leverages the power of teamwork to make dreams real for all kids.

To achieve this goal, our Next Big DREAM is a state-of-the-art school in the Mott Haven section of the South Bronx that will equip 1,300 PreK-12 DREAM scholars annually with the tools and opportunities to recognize their potential and fulfill their vision of success.

kids served at 20 Bruckner
PreK-12grades that will call 20 Bruckner home
200,000square feet of space
$50 Millionof funding to complete the project

DREAM has long been guided by the belief that place matters. We know the difference it makes when playing, learning, and growing happens in beautiful places that inspire imagination and nurture healthy bodies and spirits.

As core to our mission as it has been from day one, opportunities for PLAY run throughout all of 20 Bruckner. From the ground floor’s auxiliary gym for creative movement, like dance, to our rooftop playground, DREAM’s students are encouraged to move throughout the day. Our state-of-the-art gymnasium on the fifth floor is home to more structured play, like team sports, and also includes a weight room.

DREAM students at 20 Bruckner are given the best spaces to LEARN, including a light-filled, cathedral-type library and a STEM quad featuring speciality classrooms and laboratories. Several “maker spaces” for artistic endeavors are utilized for imaginative learning, and spaces that encourage both quiet study and creative collaboration are found throughout the building.

Not only does 20 Bruckner allow DREAM to GROW, doubling the amount of children it can serve, but the space also serves as a physical manifestation of DREAM’s ambitions for its students. Every student, family member, and visitor who walks through the doors of 20 Bruckner experiences a space that embodies our model—where academics, social-emotional learning, health and wellness, and community engagement exist side-by-side, so all children can recognize their potential and realize their dreams.

Explore The Building

  1. Roof
  2. Billboard
  3. DREAM Skypark
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  1. DREAM Athletic Center
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  1. DREAM Charter High School
  2. S. Katzman Kitchen & Café
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  1. Middle School
  2. Marjorie & Lewis Katz Hall of Dreams
  3. DREAM Arts Wing
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  1. Elementary School
  2. Elementary & Middle School Cafeteria
  3. DREAM STEM Quad
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  1. Early Childhood
  2. DREAM Community Room
  3. Legends Suite
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  1. Entryways
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A Place for the Community

OCT 2023Vecinos: A Neighborhood Block Party

Last fall, DREAM families and the larger Mott Haven community came together for Vecinos: A Neighborhood Block Party, getting a sneak peek of 20 Bruckner while enjoying free food from local vendors, music, dancing, and more.

Dec 2022Tats Cru Mural at 20 Bruckner

At 20 Bruckner, there is so much to experience and explore. But one feature in particular connects the Bronx art community to this reimagined space—a mural depicting DREAM’s three-decade history by legendary graffiti artists Tats Cru.

Jan 202320 Bruckner’s Ribbon Cutting Ceremony

2023 marked the official ribbon-cutting for DREAM Charter School at 20 Bruckner. Accompanied by guests ranging from Bronx Borough President Vanessa Gibson to Grandmaster Flash, the DREAM community formally began this new chapter in DREAM’s story, together.

Jan 2023DREAM Charter High School’s First Day

The first to call 20 Bruckner home, DREAM Charter High School students began classes at their new campus this past January, quickly settling into the building’s top floors and making the space their own.

May 2023DREAM Gala at 20 Bruckner

This spring, DREAM’s strongest supporters gathered at 20 Bruckner for DREAM Gala 2023 honoring Drew Katz, CEO of Interstate Outdoor Advertising. The energy was electric, with over $5.3M raised to support DREAM’s mission.

May 2023Summer Murrell (DCHS ’23) at DREAM Gala

“Today, I have my voice. Loud, proud, and mine.” Hear DREAM Charter High School student Summer Murrell (Class of 2023) tell her powerful story of resilience at DREAM Gala 2023.

Project Timeline.

June 2019DREAM signs the lease to 20 Bruckner
December 2019Architectural designs completed
January 2020Construction kicks off
September 2020Lightwell demolition completed
November 2020Gym addition framing completed
January 2021Gym addition roof completed
January 2022Lightwell glass & skylights installation
January 2022Fifth Floor concrete pouring
January 2022Gym soundblock installation
January 2023DREAM Charter High School and Legends Team move-in
August 2023DREAM Mott Haven move-in

20 Bruckner News & Updates.

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